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They're back again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Next  2 Shows in Manitou:

Saturday July 18, 2009


Saturday August 8, 2009

Townhouse Lounge

Manitou Springs

9:00 PM to 1:00 AM

(across the street from the clock)

 Where your first beer is on us!



C3 Delmonico DR
Colorado Springs
, CO 80919 M5943We




The Third Avatar of the Cellar Dwellers is a Colorado Springs based rock n' roll band who play a genre of musical styles from the 1960s to 2000s, plus some highly original songs such as Surfing in Greeley and Secret to My Soul.  The members of the Cellar Dwellers are veterans of local and distant music scenes who like to treat their crowds to a high energy musical and stage experience that begs for dancing.  Call Chris 930-8904 for more information. We are also doing covers and covers-of-covers. For example, we do covers of songs by Tom Petty, Foo Fighters,  The Proclaimers, and Railbenders. And we do covers-of-covers like Social Distortion's version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire but then again we sometimes do Johnny Cash's version of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt, and Yo La Tengo's version of the Beach Boy's Little Honda. We also do the Railbender's rockabilly version of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline.

The Third Avatar of the Cellar Dwellers are:

Fred Coolidge:  Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, & Vocals

         Freddy C. played in his first rock band (the Bugs) at the age of 16. The Bugs specialized in covers by the Beatles, Stones, and Animals (although there is no one still alive to confirm this). He then played a Sears Silvertone guitar. If on a deserted island with a CD player (solar powered) and one CD, it would be Creamís Goodbye album. He thinks Eric Clapton was god only when he had Jack Bruce playing bass for him. Fred is a Psychology Professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs by day (www.uccs.edu/~faculty/fcoolidg). Chris, the bass player (the instrument, not the fish) and Fred first met at the El Paso County Woman Lawyer's Christmas party six years ago. Fred knows all about Neandertals (really).


Chris Peacock:  Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals

      Chris is the highly original bass player for the Cellar Dwellers and with Jared sings most of the vocals. His prior local musical outfits have included; Uncle Billy's Politically Erect among others.  He originally started playing bass with The Fab 4 & Mondo, while attending college in Boston.  He was Banker by day and rocker by night but now he does the Mr. Mom thing ("Want a beer? It's 10 AM in the morning. Whiskey?")  Hailing from the great state of New Hampshire, Chris is known for his "Bode Miller" full tilt live performances and has been known to hurt himself on occasion.  His bass playing influences include, but are not limited to:  Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and Phil Lesh (The Dead).  He enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, hiking, cooking, and attending hockey games or concerts.  If Chris only had one CD on a deserted island it would be Yanni's - Greatest Hits or anything from the New Kids On The Block catalog. Chris will graduate soon from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He heartily recommends the 20-year Bachelors' plan.

David Irmo:  Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals


David Irmo learned guitar from California virtuoso John Wedemeyer. They both played in a San Jose band, Andy Just and the Shapes of Things. Davidís inspiration for playing guitar comes from the songs of Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards. David has no night dreams about music. He says he acts out his rock fantasies in the Cellar Dwellers, where he plays lead guitar and sings many vocals. If he had only one CD to listen to for four months, David says it would be Electric Ladylandby Jimi Hendrix. David has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Information Systems from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. David is no longer on the road in an 18-wheeler, so now he is not only single but available (in truth, easy). He is finally using his BA degree at a day job working with the elderly (not Fred).


Ken Bailey: Drums & Vocals

     Ken took up drumming at the age of 20, and he has played drums for a local band The Verdict for about 20 years. His favorite drummer is Neil Peart of Rush. If Ken was on a deserted island with only a single CD, it would be 2112 by Rush. Ken's day job is construction management. But the real apples of his eye are his wife Debbie and his daughter Alexis (whom he named after a Tommy Bolin song). 

 Pictures from one of our shows at the Townhouse Lounge:


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Slide Show From Laura Belle's



Former members:

   David Scudder was involved in music since 1964 and always wanted to play drums in a rock band. He played drums for the Cellar Dwellers, Johnny Graves and the Blue Waves, and Jericho's Wall. When asked if he had to select one CD and listen to it for four months, he said it would be the 4-CD set of Led Zeppelin, as Bonham was Dave's favorite drummer. In his spare time, Dave used to run his own architectural firm, Scudder & Associates. He loved his family, God, and his Harleys. Now we hope David's smiling and drumming with God because, very sadly, Dec 8, 2006 at our Pines Gables Tavern gig, David Scudder, our beloved drummer, collapsed and died on stage from a heart attack. He was 52. As Chris our bass player said: He was a great drummer but even a better human being. David was a solid Christian, so maybe God needed a drummer more than we did. Please remember him in your prayers and send your best wishes throughout the cosmos for the healing of his wife, three sons, and his many friends. Below is his all-time favorite shirt.





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